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Published by IBM Press
Coming October 2012
ISBN-10: 0133038467
ISBN-13: 9780133038460


Finally! A book of DB2 SQL tuning tips for developers, specifically designed to improve performance.

DB2 SQL developers now have a handy reference guide with tuning tips to improve performance in queries, programs and applications. Poorly coded programs or improperly coded SQL statements are most often the culprit causing poor performance, and many developers do not really know where to start for performance improvements.

By modifying application and SQL code, understanding Runstat options, or adding and altering indexes, there are many things that developers can do to resolve performance issues. This book provides development tips and suggestions, along with many SQL coding examples, all with the purpose of gaining better performance and empowering developers.

There are currently over 100 tuning tips for developers, covering topics through DB2 V10.

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